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Coil Rinse, Chemical Discalling, Industrial Chemical Descaling Exporters, Coil Rinse Chemical, Mumbai, India


Self Rinsing COIL RINSE cleans air conditioners and cooler coils utilizing natural condensation action to flush away efficiency robbing particles such as soil. grease, lint and other accumulation.

COIL RINSE simplifies the cleaning of air-conditioner. coil wherever the unit is installed, indoors or outdoors. Besides cleaning the cooling coils in air-conditioners and chillers, it cleans filters to remove airborne particles.


Automatically Cleans Cooling Coils by Normal Condensation

COIL RINSE no rinse feature allow in-place cleaning of chiller and cooler coils.

Units no longer have to be removed from their permanent location when Self Rinsing Cleaner is used.

Control Filter Odours

COIL RINSE eliminates odours commonly associated with air conditioner filters by removing rancid, oily deposits.

Works to Conserve Energy

Soil deposits on coil insulate the heat transfer to reduce operating efficiency. Keeping the coils clean with COIL RINSE helps provide maximum heating and cooling efficiency without excess energy usage.

Inhibits Corrosion

COIL RINSE inhibit corrosion on filters and metal frames and leaves an invisible coating that increases the efficiency of the filter.


COIL RINSE will not harm aluminium, copper, steel or plastic because it is non-corrosive, non-acidic and non-toxic, and can be used in food processing areas.
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